Rename Turner Ashby High School.

    Why change the name?
    In short, because Turner Ashby High School was named after the Confederate calvary commander, Turner Ashby, in 1955. This answer highlights two major reasons why memorializing him through a public school is inappropriate:

  • 1. Turner Ashby actively supported the subjugation of Black people.

    2. The school was named after him during Virginia's explicit and well-documented period of massive resistance to public school desegregation.

  • Are you concerned about the change?
    You can start here to learn about why changing the name of our high school is a necessary step forward.

  • You can read a short breakdown of these arguments in our open letter to the community, published in the Harrisonburg Citizen here.

    If you would like to further dig in to why Turner Ashby's name is problematic, you can also read an in-depth exploration of why here.

  • Are you already convinced?
    You can start here to learn about how you can get involved and make a difference.